Wearable chastity lock

Food-grade ABS as the main structure.It cannot be deformed or escaped.

The outer surface is covered with silica gel to ensure the comfort of skin fit.

Protect private parts without allergic reactions, and can be worn for a long time.

Excellent visual effects.

Integrated design. The product can be worn without users' secondary processing.

Excellent waterproof, support diving.Keyless design.

Use with QIUI special APP, display power, remote authorization and self-timing restraint.The master can view the time and location of the lock’s open.

The weight of the product is 270g, and the force is mainly on the waist.

The length of the cage is 6cm, the inner diameter is 3.5cm, and the belt is 30cm adjustable, which is in line with the body of most men.